3 in 1 Technology Platform.
3 key elements delivering a simple, cost-effective and transparent capital markets platform
Blockchain-based Digitisation
End-to-end digitisation of the process for tokenizing and tracking assets, asset pool construction and sale, and securities structuring and issuance.

Collaborate with transaction advisers via invitation and in-app chat. An API driven platform providing simpler, transparent process based on real-time, immutable data and indisputable chain of custody.
Automated Legal Contracting
The legal automation tool allows lawyers to set up templates enabling end- users to quickly draft transaction documents a by answering a simple questionnaire.

With 'No code' legal mark-up language, we are building a library of smart clauses capable of self-execution over time. Thus we automate the formation, monitoring and enforcement of a contract.
Advanced Portfolio Analytics
Investors need high quality information to model risks, assess impact to their balance sheets and monitor investment performance .

We provide standardised, transparent data format and structure, presented in charts, allowing automated, sophisticated analysis, insights, comparison and real-time tracking of underlying asset performing.
Asset Tokenisation.
Financial assets such as trade receivables (invoices) and SME loans are turned into unique tokens on Ethereum blockchain. The note representing fractional interest in the tokenized asset pool is also represented by a token.

The fiat currency used in settling the security transaction is another token (fiat backed token). The properties of these tokens mimic those of the assets they represent (programmable money). For example, the loan tokens are non-fungible whilst the security and fiat back tokens are fungible.
Trade receivables
Trade receivable NFTs
- Immutable
- Unique
- Self-Audited
- Tracable
Loans NFTs
Link to Ethercan where we beta tested tokenising about 1,000 loans
Smart Contract Technology.
The processes of pooling assets, issuing note tokens, collecting an underlying asset's repayment and paying out returns to investors are automated via smart contracts. Smart contracts are pieces of code residing on the blockchain that have the ability to self execute once certain conditions are met or when there is a trigger via a function call.

One example of a smart contract is the auction contract used in security token sale. We use Dutch auctions whereby investors indicate their interests in participating in a securitization series at different (declining) price points (or increasing yields) until a 'market-clearing' price is reached. This process is totally transparent and provably fair as investors, large or small, all subscribe at the same price point where supply and demand meet.
Returns from assets
Investors participation
Smart contracts
1. Asset tokenization
2. Pool construction
3. Syndication: Pool sale or securitisation
4. Settlement
5. Asset return distribution
Asset performance data such as repayment and an obligor's financial position are dynamically updated to our platform via APIs. As originators are often retained as servicers of the underlying portfolio, it is important that any changes in the underlying portfolio's quality are automatically updated in our platform. Untangled can also consume APIs provided by other providers such as credit information bureaus or Open Banking.
Open banking
Third party platforms
Third party platforms
Originator platform
Lawyers/legal admins can turn key transaction documents into templates, enabling end users to easily draft by answering a questionnaire, share and manage signing process, all in one place.
Mark up clauses into natural language text, data model for variables and business logics, turning them into automated computations for reporting and trigger tracking.
Automated legal drafting
Smart clauses
Legal Automation.
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