Alternative investments as digital assets.
We bridge real-world assets to digital asset investors
Unlocking new asset classes.
Access to exclusive, high-yield private credit investments usually reserved for large institutions through our digital securitisation platform
Business loans
SME loans originated by alternative lenders or through lending marketplaces
Trade, supply chain finance
Short term working capital secured by accepted invoices, inventory, IOUs and originated by alternative lenders
Green assets
Green bonds in smaller issuances on the back of green assets such as renewable energy
Benefits to private credit investors.
Access to uncorrelated, alternative asset classes such as invoices, SME loans and green bonds from a diversified asset originator base.
Radically transparent investment process, real-time tracking of investment and asset-level performance reporting rendering lower risk for investors.
Institutional grade
Risk management framework consisting of dynamic loss reserve methodology (popular among credit rating agencies) and adequate credit enhancements e.g. credit insurance, junior participation and over-collateralisation.
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How it works for investors
The platform will match your investment criteria with existing opportunities
Participate in a pool, along with advisers where you can conduct due diligence, negotiate/execute legal contract (institutional investors)
Take part in auctions or private placement of notes directly on the platform
Track your investment (watch it grows) through automated and real time reporting of asset-level performance any time, any place.
Hold your investment to maturity or trade on digital asset exchanges (such as Ethereum DeFi) and other marketplaces
Automatically receive settlement and redemption. Scale your next investments with familiar structures and risk profile
Origination Partners.
We bring funding and liquidity to fast growing alternative financiers
Alternative Lenders
  • Diversify funding sources to fuel your growth
  • Lower funding costs through digitised securitisation process, standardised legal templates and structures and automated investor reporting
  • Provide portfolio exit through secondary market sale or connection to DeFi
Marketplace Lenders
  • Bring liquidity through secondary market trading of tokenised loan participations
  • Assist your balance sheet lenders to exit via secondary market trading or through decentralised finance (DeFi) liquidity pools
  • Innovate with new asset classes (such as social housing, renewable energy) to your lenders
Trade Financiers
  • Diversify funding sources to fuel your growth
  • Achieve lower execution and warehousing costs compared to traditional ABS transactions
  • Focus on originating and building customer relationships while 'distribute as you go' with standardised, innovative structures e.g. forward flow
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