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Notes are represented by simple single token or dual token structure (senior vs. junior). All processes are undertaken in a step-wise approach.
Loan level data templates are in accordance with European Central Bank. Consistent taxonomy and data representation enable meaningful comparisons.
Project owners can allocate roles to internal and external parties. Communication is streamlined through the in-app chat.
Investors participate in note offerings via a fair and transparent Dutch auction. Track underlying asset performance anywhere, any time via web and mobile apps.
Relevant data is stored immutably on the blockchain. Our cloud-based data warehouse and applications run on Microsoft Azure.
1,000 loans with 50,000 data fields can be imported and represented as tokens under an hour. Once tokenised they are self-audited and reconciled.
A Truly Digital Solution.
Eligible assets are transferred to a dedicated pool (often within a Special Purpose Vehicle) under an asset purchase agreement. The Pool Seller can invite investors and advisors to conduct due diligence on the pool.

Pool sale can be negotiated privately or via an auction, all on the platform. Legal agreement are drafted and executed digitally based on standard templates. Settlement is near instant with fiat backed tokens or bank account.

Financial assets such as trade receivables (invoices) and SME loans are turned into unique tokens on the blockchain. Asset performance data such as repayment and an obligor's finance position is dynamically updated to our platform via APIs.
Asset Tokenisation and Performance Tracking
Notes are then structured to fit portfolio risk and cash flow profile. Individual or institutional investors participate in the token sale via a Dutch auction (or simple subscription) where a market-clearing yield level is attained.

Settlement is automated based on an agreed cash flow waterfall. Issuers can set performance triggers based on smart legal clauses.
Note Issuance and Life Cycle Management
Modular Products.
Select a standalone product or flexibly combine with others to meet your requirements
Delivering Use Cases.
Use cases
Asset tokenisation and sale
Issuance of Green Bonds
Asset Tokenisation and Performance Tracking
Pool Sale and Marketplace
Note Issuance and Life Cycle Management
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